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Digital IP Communication System

The LX1 digital lift emergency phone communications solution provides high-quality hands-free loud speaking intercom and emergency autodialling to the system console or external world and complies with the latest EN81-28 lift standards. With ethernet integration into managed building networks, 2-wire connectivity for easy upgrades, remote management and monitoring of all devices, this system offers flexible and redundant alarm call routing options. Additionally, the battery backup system ensures that your lifts are always covered.

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  • CD-LX1/CSL - LX1 System Digital VOIP Console Station Handset

    The console provides high-quality loudspeaker and handset voice communication over Pixel’s VoIP communication protocol, all in an industrial-designed desk or wall mounted package.

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    LX1 System Digital VOIP Wall mounted Handset and Loudspeaking master station

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    LX1 System Digital VOIP Wall mounted Loudspeaking master station

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  • CD-LX1/M5L - LX1 System Power Supply & Connection Cabinet

    All Digital Master units within the lift controller cabinets are wired back to a central Ethernet Hub, LX-1/M5L. The main Ethernet Hub is equipped with its own battery back-up system that powers all devices connected to its ports. This cabinet is designed for installation within the lift motor room and can power up to 5 lifts.

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  • CD-LX1/MD181 - LX1 System Master Unit with Digital VOIP interface

    The LX1 Master Devices mounted to the Lift Controller Cabinets enable Pixel’s LX1 VoIP communication protocol over our 4-wire StationBus interface

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  • CD-LX1/SPE - LX1 Digital Single Pair Ethernet Card

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  • CD-LX1/T2


    LX1 Dual Line FXO Card

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  • CD-LX1/SVR


    emFONE LX1 Digital Communication Server With Voice Recording

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  • EM-181/SK - Wall mounting Intercom Station (Car MR/TOP/PIT)

    The lift intercoms allow seamless communication with the remote call centre and other stations within the system.

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Installation of the LX1 webserver on the network allows for complete system interaction which simplifies user access and control of the system. Integration to our PC-hosted LX1 Webserver brings a host of additional features with a point and click user experience. Additional integration with in car digital IP cameras and the Pixel OPAL lift display system enables face-to-face video communication.


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LX1-MD/181 Dimensions

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CD-LX1/T2 Dimensions

CD-LX1/SPE Dimensions

CD-LX1/CSL Dimensions

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  • Digital IP Lift Communication System
  • Gateway interface with ability to share lines across the complete system network.
  • Redundancy calling options with reliable 4G VoLTE connection options.
  • Digital connection over building network or 2 wire connectibility for easy upgrades to existing building infrastructures.
  • Remote management and monitoring of all devices to a central security room, with email alert options.
  • Meeting all requirements of AS-1735.19 and EN81-28 lift standards.
  • Integrated managed battery backup solution.


Operating Voltage

12 – 24V DC

Operating Current

50mA (Idle), 75mA (Active)
(excluding connected intercom stations)


On-Device HTTP Webserver




Pixel VoIP with DTMF over IP


4-wire, Up to 400m (max), 8 Station(max)

Status Indication

Status (RGB LED)

Voice ID Message

16 seconds (max)


Opto-isolated, 24V DC(max)


Relay (N/O), 30V, 1A (max)

Operating Temperature

0 – 50°C

Operating Humidity

90% max relave humidity, noncondensing


DIN Rail or Wall Mount