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CD-LX1/M5L – LX1 System Power Supply & Connection Cabinet

All Digital Master units within the lift controller cabinets are wired back to a central Ethernet Hub, LX-1/M5L. The main Ethernet Hub is equipped with its own battery back-up system that powers all devices connected to its ports. This cabinet is designed for installation within the lift motor room and can power up to 5 lifts.

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The system is expandable through the addition of extra Ethernet cabinets and supports external lines that can be shared across the entire system. Our innovative 2-wire single-pair Ethernet interface ensures seamless connectivity through existing building infrastructure, enabling the system to connect machine rooms to a central location.


CD-LX1/M5L Dimensions


  • Connection to 5 lifts
  • 2 x RJ-45 Ethernet Ports.
  • 4 x Pixel MPCle Module.