Pixel Technologies

Data Monitoring

Our purpose built monitoring systems allow the user to remotely connect and monitor their emergency telephones, analyse lift operations and device status with Australian-wide connectivity.

eLiioT - Elevator Industrial IoT

The eLiioT software allows the user to remotely connect and monitor their elevator portfolio.

Including emergency telephones, critical lift operations and device status with global connectivity.




eLiioT has an abundance of features allowing you to monitor your communication gateway’s status remotely from anywhere.

Receive critical alert notifications.



Teamed up with Pixel’s emFONE system eLiioT will automatically report when the emergency phone system is no longer working. This means that you are fully covered for

EN 81-28 and the latest Australian legislation (AS-1735.19)

LMS - Lift Monitoring System

The Lift Monitoring System (LMS) is designed to aid in the monitoring and analysis of various operational parameters of elevators and escalators.


  • There are no set limits to the monitored equipment. 
  • Installation is easy using CAT5E cabling. 
  • Each input can be customized. 
  • A combination of inputs can be set as binary. 
  • Faults are identified as red for emergencies and yellow for warnings. 
  • All inputs are monitored in real-time. 
  • The Lift PI, direction, and messages are transferred using our CT-24 encoder. 
  • The CT-16 is plug-and-play, obtaining its own IP address using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). 
  • A group controller view is available. 
  • There are two types of viewing options for the equipment on the monitors. 
  • Remote connection is available via Ethernet. 
  • Customizable history reporting, including graphs, is available. 

The Lift Monitoring System (LMS) is connected to every lift and escalator to provide real-time monitoring and reporting for each connected Lift.  

Specialized hardware collects data from the elevators and escalators and transmits it over an Ethernet-based network to the LMS computer.  

A suite of software running on this computer allows users to view the status of all monitored devices and generate various reports presenting interesting subsets of the collected data.  

The LMS can accurately record the occurrence, time, and date of various events for logging and reporting lift breakdowns and availability. 

Installation is easy using CAT5E cabling, with no set limits to the monitored equipment.  

Each input can be customized, and all inputs are monitored in real-time.  

The Lift PI, direction, and messages are transferred using our Universal Encoder Card. 

All information can be viewed and accessed remotely via Ethernet or the internet through a user-friendly graphical interface.  

The LMS is a powerful and cost-effective system that is the perfect complement to a Pixel Lift Display network.