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Network Extender

The CT-2W4L is designed to extend Ethernet connections beyond their inherent distance limitation of approximately 100 meters. Capable of providing an extension of up to 1400 meters, this device is suitable for use with the Opal network and Digital IP Cameras, ensuring reliable and consistent connectivity over extended distances.

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The CT-2W4L is a 4 Port 10/100 Base-T Ethernet to 2 wire Converter with high performance data transmission speed over existing copper lines without the need for rewiring. The CT-2W4L supports ultra-high performance data transmission to the elevator car network with up to 100/100Mbps symmetric data rate within 300m and 50/2Mbps for 1.4km long range connections.

Note: Performance data is subject to the quality of the cabling and environmental conditions.


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  • Extend cabling up to 1.4km
  • Easy Install – Plug and PLay.
  • Network LED Indicators.
  • Cost Effective Solution.


Operating Voltage

15V DC – 28V DC

Operating Current (24V DC)

180mA (maximum) *Excluding power sourced by external devices

Ethernet Ports


2 Wire Network Cabling

UTP 24 AWG or be􀆩er (1400m max)

LED Diagnostic Indicators

2 Wire Link, Master/Slave selection, Ethernet port activity

Operating Temperature

0°C – 50°C


106.5(W) x 102.5(H) x 33.5(D)