<h1>PSW-60W<h1> <h2>Pure Sine Wave Emergency Power Supply System<h2>
Operating Voltage

240V AC 50Hz

Operating System Power

25W (excluding connected load)

Inverter Output Voltage

220V AC 50Hz Pure Sine Wave

Output Power (max)


Input & Output Fuses

M205 250V 1A Slow Blow

Output Protection

Overload, Short Circuit, RCBO Earth Leakage

Battery Type

12V 18Ah SLA

Battery Charge Time

< 10 Hours

Battery Runtime

2 Hours @ 60W Load

Phone & Bell Output

12V DC, 500mA (max)

Battery Replacement

3 years

Operating Temperature

0 – 50°C

Operating Humidity

90% max relave humidity, noncondensing


Brackets supplied

Dimensions (mm)

247(W) x 183(H) x 160(D) ,with brackets

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Pure Sine Wave Emergency Power Supply System

The emPOWER system features a compact design and provides an Industrial RCBO-protected 240V AC output in the event of a mains power failure. This allows for the connection of lighting, and industrial motors, such as fans, and pumps, with a maximum power output of 100W or 60W for 2 hours

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