Emergency Power

<h1>CD-LX/UPS<h1> <h2>Emergency Power Supply<h2>
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Emergency Power Supply

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<h1>EL-80W/RCBE<h1>  <h2>Emergency Power Supply<h2>
Operating Voltage

240V AC

Lamp Output

240V AC

Lamp Output (Battery Mode)

240V AC

Lamp Fuse (Fuse 1)

1A 240V

Circuit Fuse (Fuse 2)

0.5A 240V

Phone Output Voltage

12V DC (500mA Max)

Alarm Button

Dry Contacts

Siren Output Voltage

12V DC (500mA Max)

Lamp Wattage



312mm (L) x 262mm (W) x 87mm (H)

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Emergency Power Supply

The EL-80W/RCBE features an integrated RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent) designed to safeguard human life and protect your device from overloads on a particular circuit. This advanced safety feature ensures reliable and consistent performance, even in demanding conditions.

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<h1>PSW-60W<h1> <h2>Pure Sine Wave Emergency Power Supply System<h2>
Operating Voltage

240V AC 50Hz

Operating System Power

25W (excluding connected load)

Inverter Output Voltage

220V AC 50Hz Pure Sine Wave

Output Power (max)


Input & Output Fuses

M205 250V 1A Slow Blow

Output Protection

Overload, Short Circuit, RCBO Earth Leakage

Battery Type

12V 18Ah SLA

Battery Charge Time

< 10 Hours

Battery Runtime

2 Hours @ 60W Load

Phone & Bell Output

12V DC, 500mA (max)

Battery Replacement

3 years

Operating Temperature

0 – 50°C

Operating Humidity

90% max relave humidity, noncondensing


Brackets supplied

Dimensions (mm)

247(W) x 183(H) x 160(D) ,with brackets

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Pure Sine Wave Emergency Power Supply System

The emPOWER system features a compact design and provides an Industrial RCBO-protected 240V AC output in the event of a mains power failure. This allows for the connection of lighting, and industrial motors, such as fans, and pumps, with a maximum power output of 100W or 60W for 2 hours

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