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Internal and External Help Points

Introducing the emFONE range – the ultimate solution for hands-free emergency calls in any environment. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor applications, we’ve got you covered with our rugged and aesthetically pleasing design, available in the emFONE EM-1 or EM-2 models.

SKU EM-1/FXP                                                       (Stainless Steel Surface mount Fixture with EM-1 emFONE)                                           EM-1P                                          (Stainless Steel Flush Mount wall Panel with EM-1 emFONE)                                           EM-2/FXP                                           (Stainless Steel Surface mount Fixture with EM-2 emFONE)                                             EM-2P                                            (Stainless Steel Flush Mount wall Panel with EM-2 emFONE)                                             EM-1/IP-65                                           (IP-65 Rated Surface Mount EM-1 emFONE) Categories , ,


Our versatile indoor collection offers surface-mounted fixtures and panel mounts, ensuring seamless integration into elevators, buildings, and airport help points. Crafted to withstand vandalism, these phones boast marine-grade stainless steel panels and anodized aluminium enclosures for unparalleled durability and aesthetics. Choose from the em-1 phone with built-in battery backup or the em-2 phone, operating directly from the telephone line, and expand their capabilities with our wide range of wireless gateways.
For outdoor applications, our IP-rated surface-mounted fixture takes emergency communication to the next level. Designed for schools, car parks, public spaces, and more, these rugged phones feature a sealed powder-coated enclosure and a marine-grade stainless steel panel for lasting resilience. Whether you opt for the em-1 phone with battery backup or the em-2 phone with direct line operation, our emFONE outdoor range guarantees reliable and secure emergency communication, even in the most challenging outdoor environments. Elevate safety and peace of mind with emFONE – your ultimate emergency communication solution.


Indoor Brochure

Outdoor Brochure

Em-1 and 2 P Dimensions

FXP Dimensions

CS 206 Dimensions


  • Powered or Telephone Line powered options
  • Auto Dialling, Hands Free Loudspeaker.
  • 3 telephone number dialling capability.
  • 16 second Voice identification message to alert calling location.
  • Local or Remote Programmable via Telephone Handset.
  • Vandal resistant 316 grade stainless steel panel.
  • Optional illuminating Braille Alarm-Button.
  • Two Relay Output Contacts.
  • Battery Back-Up.


Operating Temperature

0°C – 75°C

Dialling Method

Tone (DTMF) 16-Digit Dialling Capability

Speaker Volume

Programmable 80dB @ 1 meter 425Hz

Trigger Button

Dry Contacts – optically isolated
with Built in Phone button and braille

Recorded Voice Message

16 seconds, Locally & Remotely Programmable