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Telephone Line Powered Emergency Telephone

An emergency telephone is one of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment. For this reason, we have developed a reliable, easy-to-use, fully-featured, self-contained product designed and perfected to facilitate communication between a person in need of assistance and the service provider.

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The EM-2 is an auto-dialing loudspeaker emergency point telephone powered by the telephone line. It offers a range of fully programmable features for versatile usage. The unit’s direct power supply from the telephone line allows for quick and hassle-free installation, resulting in time and cost savings. This makes it an ideal choice for various applications, including car parks, airport help points, building entrance door phones, and elevators.


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  • Telephone line powered
  • Auto-Dialing, Hands Free Loudspeaker.
  • Built-in or External Speaker and
    Microphone Options.
  • 16 Second Voice Storage Location
    Identification Message.
  • Programmable via Remote Telephone.
  • Handset and Local Membrane Keypad.
  • Programmable relay options.


Telephone Line Voltage

24V DC – 50V DC

Operating Current

25mA (standby), 90mA (operating)

Operating Temperature

0°C – 75°C

Relay Voltage

9V—24V 1A—No/Nc Selectable

Speaker Volume

Programmable—80dB @ 1 meter 425Hz

Trigger Button

Dry Contacts—optically isolated

Digital Voice Message

16 seconds programmable message