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Powered Emergency Lift Telephone

An emergency telephone is one of the most crucial pieces of safety equipment utilized in an elevator. For this reason, we have developed a reliable, easy-to-use, fully-featured, self-contained product designed and perfected to facilitate communication between a person in need of assistance and the service provider.

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The EM-1 is a powered emergency telephone designed to enhance safety in elevators. When an alarm is triggered, it automatically dials a pre-programmed number and plays back a recorded message to alert the service provider about the emergency. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with accessibility impairments who may have difficulty communicating verbally. The EM-1 also incorporates built-in LED lights/relays that indicate when a call is being made and when it is answered, ensuring compliance with the EN81-28 standard. In case the first programmed number does not answer, the EM-1 allows for the assignment of two additional numbers for emergency response. Moreover, the recorded voice message played upon answering a call includes the calling location, and service providers can conveniently access and playback these messages using the touch-tone keypad on their handset.


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  • SD card slot for storage memory.
  • Record and playback of alarm calls.
  • Auto alert to service provider
  • Three number dialing capability
  • Line and fault diagnosis with alert.
  • Location identification message.
  • Programmable via handset.
  • Programmable via keypad.
  • Voice feedback and verification.
  • Fault alerts for phone and battery.
  • Relay Options.
  • Back up battery.


Operating Voltage

10V – 30V (DC), 9V – 20V (AC)

Operating Current

10mAmps (standby), 200mAmps (operating)

Operating Temperature

0°C – 75°C

Telephone Line Voltage

24V – 50V DC

Telephone Line Current

20mAmp – 90mAmp

Dialling Method

Tone (DTMF) 16-Digit Dialling Capability

Speaker Volume

8Ω Programmable – 1 Watt (max) 80dB Level at 1 Metre – 425 Hz

Trigger Button

2 X Dry Contacts – Optically isolated


2K Impedance, Operating Range 5 Metres

Relay Contact Rating

2A/30V (DC)

Recorded Voice Message

16 Seconds, Locally & Remotely Programmable

SD Card (Optional)

Auto Programming & Logging of Recorded Calls

Self Diagnostic Lift Car Message Alerts

Phone Line Failure – Every 5 Minutes, Power Supply Fault – Every 15 Minutes