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Two Tone Gong

The AD-2T one and two tone gong is extremely compact – but it is big on specifications and quality, and introduces several innovative features.

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The AD-2T one and two-tone gong is a compact yet high-quality device that boasts several innovative features. 

One such feature is the ability to remotely control the volume of the AD-2T allowing for a 50% reduction during user-specified periods. This enables the lift arrival at each landing to be sounded at full volume during peak hours, while reducing the volume during off-peak hours. Additionally, the volume of individual AD-2T gongs can be independently adjusted to achieve optimal levels for each landing.

Despite its compact size and weight of only 44 grams, the AD-2T produces a sound pressure level of up to 86 dB with excellent tone and clarity, outperforming gongs that are three times as heavy and twice the size.


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  • One and two tone gong.
  • Adjust volume remotely to 50% of local setting.
  • Microprocessor PWM tone output.
  • Positive/negative common compatible.
  • AC compatible inputs.
  • Polycarbonate enclosure compatible.


Supply Voltage

12V – 30V DC, 22V – 26V AC

Operating Current

250mA @ Full Volume

Output Tones

Input 1 = Tone1 (up), Input 2 = Tone 2 (down)

Amplifier Power




SPL Output

86dB Max @ 1 Metre


71mm (L) x 48 (W) x 18 (H)