Pixel Technologies

LX1 – The new digital IP communication system


The LX1 digital lift emergency phone communication solution provides high-quality hands-free loud speaking intercom and emergency autodialling to the system console or external world and complies with the latest EN81-28 lift standards.

With Ethernet integration into managed building networks, 2-wire connectivity for easy upgrades, remote management and monitoring of all devices, this system offers flexible and redundant alarm call routing options. Additionally, the battery backup system ensures that your lifts are always covered.

Lift controllers are all powered and wired back to a central battery backed LX1 ethernet cabinet. This cabinet is designed to mount within the lift motor room and will power up to 5 lifts. 

The console provides high-quality loudspeaker and handset voice communication over Pixel’s VoIP communication protocol, all in an industrial-designed desk or wall mounted package.